Outline B Fill B
Boiga is currently in progress, with V1 available now on Future Fonts. Boiga on Future Fonts Boiga is a display type family by Kel Troughton. It’s soft edges, bulky joins and overlapping outlines make it a great headline style for any design looking to add some friendly quirk. The family was drawn to work as an outline with uniform overlaps but also contains the filled in letters that work as a reverse of the outlines. Boiga’s shapes come from two very different sources. The first is bold signage and packaging from Amayoko shopping district in Tokyo, ultra-bold, often outlined type in bright colors. The second source is 1990s new york rooftop graffiti, specifically two letter throw ups that are bold enough to read from a moving train. Both sources rely on an often friendly and cute demeanor in a sometimes anthropomorphic letter. The name Boiga references two subjects: 1: A snake with sectional body markings that is kinda cute. 2: A goofy way to say the word Burger.

PDF Specimen